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Rope access course pricing:

Course cost in Bristol, RI  and Chattanooga TN, includes equipment use, SPRAT evaluation, and SPRAT certification fees. Please call 207-620-6169 for group and refresher course pricing.

Rope Access Level I $1295.00 + $100.00 SPRAT Certification fee

4 days plus 1 evaluation day

Rope Access Level Upgrade

current LI to LII $1395.00 + $80.00 SPRAT Certification fee

LII to LIII $1495.00 + $80.00 SPRAT Certification fee

4 days plus 1 evaluation day

Course cost based upon minimum upgrade student enrollment.

Direct entry:

Level II $1595.00 + $100.00 SPRAT Certification fee

Level III $1895.00 + $100.00 SPRAT Certification fee

4 days plus 1 evaluation day

Direct entry candidate must meet SPRAT direct entry requirements.
Course cost based upon minimum direct entry student enrollment.

Custom and contract specific courses are also available.
Contact AxcessRescue at 207-620-6169 for further information.

Please use our online registration form and send course payment to:


20 Orchid Lane

Ringgold, GA 30736

Or call 423-508-2186 to pay by credit card.

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