What is special about AxcessRescue?

AxcessRescue provides industrial safety and rescue, rope access, competent climber, work at height, and tower access training to those who want to solve operational issues effectively and efficiently with simple rigging solutions in order to perform work or rescue those in need. We firmly believe companies and individuals seek training that is better than what is commonly available.

We provide simple, focused training that fulfills needs without overwhelming students with needless information. Our training is not based on unrealistic what-if scenarios. It is designed to provide the student with the real skills needed to complete the task at hand.

AxcessRescue is about you.

We have re-defined training to

focus on the student.

We have changed safety and work at height training by providing courses that present material that is developed with the employer and employees to specifically meet worker needs. Our training is objective based, complete training designed by adult learning professionals.

Our programs are all about students achieving high levels of proficiency in their abilities to safely perform in intense, high-pressure work and rescue environments. We present techniques specifically designed to meet extraordinary situations which give students retainable, simple, realistic solutions to their needs that are adaptable to solve various problems that may arise during work and rescue operations.

All our instructors are highly trained, certified, and qualified professionals. All have a minimum of 15 years of extremely wide ranging experience including fire/rescue, industrial safety and rescue, rope access, work at height, tower and wind turbine rescue, confined space rescue, cave rescue, mountain and wilderness rescue, urban rescue, and most importantly, adult education. We are the most experienced team of instructors available today in one place. We pride ourselves on our diversity and continuously train together and maintain current certifications to provide students with a coherent learning experience regardless of the discipline being learned. In addition, all AxcessRescue instructors have an in-depth, comprehensive knowledge of current standards and guidelines including NFPA, OSHA, ANSI, SPRAT, IRATA, NATE, IWCA, ISO and others. Our instructors are continually active in the real world working and performing rescues as workers and responders giving them a broad knowledge base that does not confine them to limited fire/rescue techniques.

AxcessRescue founder

Glenn Speight CSP, CIT, ASP, STS has an extensive background of over 25 years in industrial safety, work at height, and technical rescue including work, training, instruction and curriculum development. Glenn holds a Bachelor of Science degree (summa cum laude) in Occupational Safety and Health and a significantly wide range of certifications that include Certified Safety Professional (CSP), Certified Instructional Trainer (CIT), Associate Safety Professional (ASP), Safety Trained Supervisor (STS), technical rescue, fall protection, competent climber, OSHA safety including Authorized General Industry Trainer, rigging, and Firefighter II, with instructor credentials in these areas. He also holds SPRAT Level III and Evaluator certifications, IRATA Level 3 certification, and NCCCO/NWSA Signalperson and Rigger I credentials. He has worked with and trained a wide variety of international students and organizations in industrial safety, work at height, and technical rescue, including engineering firms, urban building inspectors, fire departments, construction contractors, telecommunication tower workers, lineman, and many others. He is actively involved with manufacturers in product development and participates in standards development including a seat on ANSI/IWCA I-14 Window Cleaning Safety.

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